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Of the three known potency enhancers, Levitra is perhaps the most underestimated. It works best in treating impotence in diabetes mellitus.

Clinical studies have shown that vardenafil is a highly effective (85-89%) and safe drug in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The more powerful effect of this drug on PDE5 allows it to be used not only in the general population, but also when other PDE5 inhibitors (sildenafil, tadalafil) do not help. The effectiveness of levitra in patients with diabetes mellitus and after radical prostatectomy reaches 72%, and in patients who previously unsuccessfully took sildenafil, 62%. Side effects when taking levitra in most cases are short-lived and insignificant.

Unlike sildenafil and tadalafil, the effectiveness of levitra was not influenced by the severity of erectile dysfunction, the type of diabetes mellitus and the level of glycosylated hemoglobin.

With a properly prescribed course of treatment, the drug does not have a negative effect on the patient's health, does not entail a sharp increase in glucose levels.

I expected strong side effects, since before that there was an experience with Cialis, from which I walked for a couple of days like a hangover. But with Levitra, everything turned out to be easy and fearless - a slight headache, redness of the face, and all this disappeared after 4-5 hours.
Also, men taking vardenafil note another of its properties. Perhaps our reader will find this interesting:
Took 1/2 of a 20 mg tablet. Stood well and never softened. I just have a problem with the fact that the erection weakens in the process. Unexpectedly for me, it turned out that this remedy still partially blocks premature ejaculation, which is very important in chronic prostatitis.
This feature of vardenafil is due to the fact that it reduces the sensitivity of the glans penis, which leads to an increase in the duration of intercourse.

Another question: Is it possible to divide the tablets into parts, in order, for example, to save on the number of tablets? This can also come in handy if you do not need a large dose to take effect, or if you are experiencing strong side effects from the whole pill. People write the following:
I have a hypersensitivity to side effects, so even the original Levitra was taken in a dosage of 2.5 mg.
Took 3-3.5 mg of Levitra. Side effects are distinct - slight redness and distinct warmth of the cheeks, slight pressing soreness in the bridge of the nose, a little stuffy nose. The maximum side effects were within 25 - 45 minutes after administration. They began to decrease after 50 minutes, at the same time I felt a rush of blood to the penis (slight swelling). There was no full erection, because there were no erotic stimuli.
Based on this, at low doses of the drug, the most favorable time for the onset of direct sexual intercourse is 50 - 60 minutes after taking the pill.
The tablets are the same size and color as the original, but soft (crumbling easily), unlike the original. Therefore, you need to divide it with a blade on a hard surface very carefully.
I tried Levitra - very good result for several hours. I have a runny nose and headaches from the whole pill, so I take half of the 20mg pill. Strong erection until the first orgasm. Even a quarter of a tablet has a good effect.
You can half, I think, the manufacturers came up with a deliberate idea that you cannot divide.

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