The promo code or discount coupon. Why you don't use it?

Our generic drug online store receives dozens and sometimes over a hundred orders per day! But only one in ten customers use the promo code. It’s only 10%! We try to keep our prices as low as possible, of course, but why not make them even lower? The promo code is shown on each page of the generic drug, it’s the same for all products and applies to orders of any amount.

Promo code is on every product page
Promo code is on every product page

Just in case, here is the promo code again:

Promo code for 10% discount

Just copy the promo code to the clipboard by pressing the "Copy" button so you don’t have to remember it. If you are browsing this page on your smartphone and the button isn’t working for some reason, you can also select the promo code by tapping and holding your finger over the text and then selecting Copy to Clipboard in the pop-up toolbar. Then paste the promo code into the Discount Coupon field on the check-out page.

Input field for promo code
Input field for promo code

To do this on a smartphone, tap and hold your finger over this field for 2-3 seconds until the pop-up menu appears. Select Paste in the menu. The previously copied promo code should appear in the field. Press the button “Add”, the page will reload and you will see the discount and the final order total.

Note: delivery is not included in the discount!

Kamagra Gold 100 mg 30 tablets costs 108.58 EUR. Taking into account our promo code, which provides a 10% discount, the price is now 97.72 EUR. You save 10.85 EUR, which covers the shipping fee (International Unregistered Mail 8.70 EUR) and even have a bit left over.

It is also important to consider that we provide an additional 10% discount on all next orders. The promo code also applies to all next orders. All discounts get taken into consideration and added up! So if you use the promo code on your next order, you will get a 20% (twenty percent) discount! Our promo code will never expire. And, of course, you can share it with your friends.

Another small bonus is that delivery is free for all orders over 174 EUR.