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Kamagra Gold

Kamagra Gold is a trademark of Indian pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma Limited. An important note should be made right away: a regular Kamagra product (without the adjunct "Gold") by the same manufacturer is also presented in the market. The dosage of a regular pill may be either 50 mg or 100 mg. If we are looking at the pill with the adjunct “Gold”, as in our survey, its dosage can only be 100 mg.

So, Kamagra 100 mg Gold is the common Viagra in one pill with the above-stated dosage. Actually, it is not important for a generic medication what its name is; the key matter is the active agent used in Viagra and, as we can see on the package, it is that very Sildenafil Citrate. It’s sildenafil that is one the essential components to help overcome the erectile dysfunction.

The medication is absorbed for quite a while, particularly 60 to 90 minutes (probably because of the pill’s thick coating), but it is compensated by a record-breaking effective duration for sildenafil-containing pills, which is up to 8 hours!

The manufacturer claims that the formula has been improved (probably, as compared to the regular Kamagra pills of the previous version, without the adjunct “Gold”) and the side effects are nearly non-existent. Taking into account the fact that its active agent is sildenafil, the latter is hard to believe. Most probably, it is simply a not-very-honest marketing move. We have conducted a small testing of this medication in our team and experienced numerous side effects that are inherent in sildenafil, namely nasal stuffiness, redness of the face and even dizziness, but the effective duration indeed has reached the record-breaking 8 hours! Therefore you must compulsorily consult a physician before taking Kamagra Gold. Remember that no sexual potency-increasing medications may be sold without a physician’s prescription. When buying the sexual potency-increasing medications online, without a prescription, you assume full responsibility for your health.

The marketing research has demonstrated that most men liked the medication’s effect; it is particularly because of the fact that its long-term effect allows taking a break after the orgasm and then go for a second sexual intercourse.

The medication is supplied in a form of diamond-shaped pills, four pills in a blister. The logo of Ajanta Pharma LTD company is placed on the pill (engraved on the pill’s face). The pills’ color may vary, but blue-green color is most commonly seen.

The pills may be sold without the packaging; the company offers an option of dispatching a box with the medication blisters, thus reducing the price by 2-2.5 times. However, you must make sure that each blister bears a stamp reflecting information about the manufacturer company, serial number, batch number and best-before date.

By the way, the cardboard packaging may also be of a different color, and red-colored packages are also available. Inside, there is the same blister with four pills of the same dosage as the ones in a green package. It is hard to tell why this is done: Ajanta Pharma company pointed out that the green packages are sent to Europe most often, while the red ones are sent to Canada and the USA.

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