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Ex Viagra Gold. The manufacturers have decided to get rid of the word Viagra in the name of the drug because there were many problems with it (a word) during the sale and transportation of the tablets especially during the customs clearance – the sale of Generics is forbidden in many countries. And in this case, we have not just Generic drug containing the patent component sildenafil (read about it below) but also using the name of another brand.

As to Sildenafil. The drug is for sale as "the improvement of the male power" (male enhancement pills) or as a product to increase penis (penis enlargement pills) based on, as though, a special mixture of the vegetable components. In fact, the main active component in Vigour is Sidlenafil, i.e. Vigour is a usual Generic Viagra with additives from the vegetable components which increase the action of Sildenafil and time of its action.

It is incorrectly assumed that the number 800 in the name of the drug means the dosage of Sildenafil, and many people still think so. Fortunately, it is not right because the dose of Sildenafil 800 mg is dangerous not only for the health of the man but also for his life! There is no exact information about the content of Sildenafil in Vigour, but according to the data of New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority it contains about 110 mg of Sildenafil, and the rest of the tablet is filled with the vegetable additives increasing the effects of Sildenafil to which Vigour’s success owes.

There is not a single word about Sildenafil on the package or in the instruction. And it is made on purpose, so that the tablets pass the customs control in the country-receiver. Only a row of the unnoticed letters and numbers on the label NDC 0069-4220-30 tells about the presence of Sildenafil in the tablets. And it is, in fact, nothing else but a register number (NDC - National Drug Code) of brand Viagra assigned to these tablets by the American FDA (US Food and Drug Administration)!

Several types of the color creation of the packs and tablets are known: red letters on the yellow background, blue letter on the yellow background, and blue letters on the white background. In the first two types of the packs the tablets are yellow, the inscription on the label is Vigour Gold or just Vigour; in the last type the tablets are blue selling under the name of Vigour 800 mg Blue or Vigour Blue Diamond (rarely met).

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